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Fact: Grillies have more fun than garden gnomes.

A few of the grillies went for a trip across Australia with us in March 2007. After a bit of plotting and drawing of straws, two of them stowed away in our bags when we left for France.

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Every now and then they get sick of playing in the backyard and demand to go out and do something touristy with us.

They like to talk about their adventures, but their spelling isn't very good and they're not interested in sight-seeing. They only really like the rocks, trees, water and big bits of machinery like trucks. :)

This should automagically pull pictures from the Grillie Adventure set from Ange's Flickr.

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Grillies on Fence 2: 

Thuh veew ere wus prity.
Grillies on Fence 2:

Thuh veew ere wus prity.

— 4 years ago